Saleem Hardware’s Trading LLC strives to become the market leader in being the prominent supplier by achieving superior client satisfaction and providing exceptional products and services.
To build a solid reputation that reflects our ability to provide high quality products and services to clients thus actively participating in the growth and development of the society.

People are the main and constant point of reference for our actions.

RESPECT: Colleagues, customers, suppliers, environment, rules and principles of working.

PROACTIVITY: that's our capacity to anticipate events. We cannot wait and only solve problems when they appear.

INNOVATION: Innovation is everywhere in technology in organizations outside our company. To be innovative we prepare the future, we solve problems and brings to customers new solutions.

ACCOUNTABILITY: accountability means we are responsible for what we do - Individually and collectively. Accountable for the time, the money, all resources spent and the results obtained.

COMMUNICATION: relationships are the link between people.

CONTINUOUS LEARNING: learning, share information & knowledge, give to everybody more opportunity to grow. What we have learnt years ago will become rapidly obsolete, new learning is vital for all of us.